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24 July 2023

ChatGPT-like chatbot

ChatGPT-like chatbot:


Clone tloen/alpaca-lora

Install dependencies using pip install -r requirements.txt


Fine-tune the script to run on the LLaMA model using the cleaned Stanford Alpaca model. You can look at the repository to tweak the hyper parameters for better performance.

python \
    --base_model 'decapoda-research/llama-7b-hf' \
    --data_path 'yahma/alpaca-cleaned' \
    --output_dir './lora-alpaca'


The inference script reads the foundation LLaMA model from Hugging Face and loads LoRA weights to run a Gradio interface.

python \
    --load_8bit \
    --base_model 'decapoda-research/llama-7b-hf' \
    --lora_weights 'tloen/alpaca-lora-7b'

You can

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