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API Gateways

After creating more than one REST service, I start to wonder whether it is worth having something other than bare NGINX in front. Possible goals:

Let’s see what’s there available…


APIGee was founded in 2004 and acquired by Google in 2016. NOT open source.


APISIX is in active development. Stacks well against Kong performance-wise.

API Umbrella

API Umbrella


Does not seem to command much of a mindshare…

AWS API Gateway

AWS API Gateway is NOT open source.

Azure API Gateway

Microsoft Azure API Gateway is NOT open source but CAN be deployed on-premises.

Good read on REST though:

Clyde IO

ClydeIO is built with Node.js and uses Connect middleware for filters. Not in active development.

Express Gateway

Express Gateway is based on Node.js. Open Source.


Kong is a dominant open source API gateway.In active development. Based on Nginx with OpenRESTY, implemented in Lua + Python(?). Has plugins to provide features such as authentication, logging, etc. Data stores required: Cassandra or Postgres

Kong CE vs Enterprise. Kong CE only offers admin REST APIs, but open-source dashboards are available:




Tyk is a second major open source API gateway after Kong. Docs.

Datastore: MongoDB, Redis

Installing on RedHat, Ubuntu.


How to Choose the Right API Gateway

Kong vs Tyk - data presented heavily disputed.

Which API Gateway

API Management Platforms