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Dockerfile instructions

Dockerfile reference

Instruction Description
FROM <image> Set the base image
FROM <image> AS <name> Set the base image and name the build stage
RUN <command> Execute a command
RUN ["exec", "param1", "param2"] Execute a command
CMD ["exec", "param1", "param2"] Execute a command when the container starts
ENTRYPOINT ["exec", "param1"] Configure the container to run as an executable
ENV <key>=<value> Set an environment variable
EXPOSE <port> Expose a port
COPY <src> <dest> Copy files from source to destination
COPY --from=<name> <src> <dest> Copy files from a build stage to destination
WORKDIR <path> Set the working directory
VOLUME <path> Create a mount point
USER <user> Set the user
ARG <name> Define a build argument
ARG <name>=<default> Define a build argument with a default value
LABEL <key>=<value> Set a metadata label
HEALTHCHECK <command> Set a healthcheck command

Best practices