Notes to Self

Alex Sokolsky's Notes on Computers and Programming

“End-to-end encryption for things that matter.”


Install an application

On Mac:

brew install keybase

Create an account on

Just follow the steps

Generate a pgp key

keybase pgp gen

Using it

By now you have a pgp key available for your use:

asokolsky in ~/ > keybase pgp list
Keybase Key ID:  01015b1e9f7ecfb69136aabb60b29528343e4acb84698d7a39d2d587901f6f6238de0a
PGP Fingerprint: 721edb24fe215bf949e5b960a849309a9f8f285f
PGP Identities:
   Alex Sokolsky <>

Given a password encrypted with your pgp key


decrypt it using keybase:

echo $password | base64 --decode | keybase pgp decrypt