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tmux Terminal Multiplexer - Cheat Sheet

tmux is awesome and is highly recommended. Here is a man page.


Session < Window < Pane:

flowchart TD
    subgraph Session1
        subgraph Window1
        subgraph Window2


You can run tmux _command_. The following are excerpts from the man page.

Command Description
attach-session [-t target-session] Create a new client in the current terminal and attach it to the target-session.
detach-client [-s target-session] [-t target-client] Detach the current client if bound to a key, the client specified with -t, or all clients currently attached to the session specified by -s.
info Show every session, window, pane, etc…
kill-server Kill the tmux server and clients and destroy all sessions.
kill-session [-aC] [-t target-session] Destroy the given session, closing any windows linked to it and no other sessions, and detaching all clients attached to it. If -a is given, all sessions but the specified one is killed. The -C flag clears alerts (bell, activity, or silence) in all windows linked to the session.
list-clients [-t target-session] List clients attached to the server. If target-session is specified, list only clients connected to that session.
list-commands [command] List the syntax of command or - if omitted - of all commands supported by tmux.
list-sessions List all sessions managed by the server.

Also see CLI column below.


Interaction modes:

Task KB
Show all shortcuts ctrl-b ?
Enter Copy mode ctrl-b (
Enter Copy mode and scroll one page up ctrl-b PgUp
Quit Copy mode ctrl-b q
Enter Command Mode ctrl-b :


Session name is displayed (by default) in the status bar on the left, e.g. [0].

Management Task KB CLI
Start a new session   tmux new [-s ses]
Kill session ses   tmux kill-ses -t ses
list sessions ctrl-b s tmux ls
Attach to last session   tmux at
Attach to a session ses   tmux at -t ses
rename the current session ctrl-b $  
detach from the current session ctrl-b d  
Navigation Task KB
Move to prev ctrl-b (
Move to next session ctrl-b )


: attach -d Detach others on the session (Maximize window by detach other clients)


By default, window info is displayed int he status bar on the left, e.g. 0:bash*, where:

Each time you create a new window in a tmux session, its window number and the name of the program running in it are added to the status bar.

Management Task KB CLI
Create window win ctrl-b c tmux new -s ses -n win
Close current window ctrl-b &  
Rename current window ctrl-b ,  
List windows ctrl-b w  
Split horizontally ctrl-b %  
Split vertically ctrl-b “  
Navigation Task KB
Move to prev window ctrl-b p
Move to next window ctrl-b n
Switch/select window by number ctrl-b 0…9


: swap-window -s 2 -t 1 Reorder window: swap window number 2(src) and 1(dst)

: swap-window -t -1 Move current window to the left by one position


Management Task KB
Split pane vertically ctrl-b %
Split pane horizontally ctrl-b “
Kill the current pane ctrl-b x
Convert pane into a window ctrl-b !
show pane numbers ctrl-b q
Navigation Task KB
swap with next pane ctrl-b {
swap with previous pane ctrl-b }
Switch to pane in that direction ctrl-b ↑
Switch to pane in that direction ctrl-b ↓
Switch to pane in that direction ctrl-b ←
Switch to pane in that direction ctrl-b →
Switch to pane ctrl-b q 0..9
toggle between panes ctrl-b o
Presentation Task KB
Toggle last active pane ctrl-b ;
Toggle between pane layouts ctrl-b Spacebar
Toggle pane zoom ctrl-b z
Resize current pane height, holding second key is optional ctrl-b ctrl-↑, ctrl-b ctrl-↓
Resize current pane width, holding second key is optional ctrl-b ctrl-←, ctrl-b ctrl-→


: setw synchronize-panes Toggle synchronize-panes (send command to all panes)

Copy Mode

KB Task
Ctrl + b [ Enter copy mode
Ctrl + b PgUp Enter copy mode and scroll one page up
q Quit mode
g Go to top line
G Go to bottom line
Scroll up
Scroll down
h Move cursor left
j Move cursor down
k Move cursor up
l Move cursor right
w Move cursor forward one word at a time
b Move cursor backward one word at a time
/ Search forward
? Search backward
n Next keyword occurrence
N Previous keyword occurrence
Spacebar Start selection
Esc Clear selection
Enter Copy selection
Ctrl + b ] Paste contents of buffer_0

Misc Commands

: setw -g mode-keys vi Use vi keys in buffer

: setw -g OPTION Set OPTION for all windows

: show-buffer Display buffer_0 contents

: capture-pane Copy entire visible contents of pane to a buffer

: list-buffers Show all buffers

: choose-buffer Show all buffers and paste selected

: save-buffer buf.txt Save buffer contents to buf.txt

: delete-buffer -b 1 Delete buffer_1

: set -g OPTION Set OPTION for all sessions