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Keychron K1 Low Profile Bluetooth Mechanical

My recent favorite: Keychron K1 version 5 TKL, Red Switches:



Action Key Sequence
Bluetooth pairing fn + 1 for 4sec to pair with Keychron K1
Bluetooth switch Short press fn + 1/2/3
Change Light effect Light effect key (top right)
Change Color fn + right / left arrow
Switch between Fx and multimedia keys fn + X + L
Disable Auto Sleep Mode fn + S + O for 4sec to disable the Auto Sleep Mode.
To enable - press fn + S + O for 4sec again.
LED Status
Battery Low battery - Blinking Red
Charging - Static Red
Fully charged - Static Green
Bluetooth Pairing - Fast Blinking
Paired - Light Off
Switching - Slow Blinking