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Some Lightweight K8S Implementations

Feature Minikube K3S/K3D MicroK8S KinD K0S
Author Kubernetes Rancher Canonical Kubernetes Mirantis
Repo kubernetes/minikube k3s-io/k3s k3d-io/k3d ubuntu/microk8s kubernetes-sigs/kind k0sproject/k0s
Suitability Testing Testing, Production, IoT IoT CI  
CNCF-Certified Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
1-node cluster Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
multi-node cluster Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Architecture x86 arm64 ARMv7 ppc64 s390x x86_64 armhf arm64 aarch64 s390x x86 arm64 s390x POWER9 amd64 arm64 x866-64 arm64 ARMv7
Min CPU 2+ 1+ 1+ ? 1+
Min RAM 2GB 512MB 540MB ? 1GB
Container RT Docker, containerd, CRI-O Docker, containerd containerd, kata Docker, CRI-O containerd
Networking Calico, Cilium, Flannel, ingress, DNS, Kindnet Canal, CoreDNS, Flannel, Traefik, Klipper Calico, Cilium, CoreDNS, Traefik, nginx, Ambassador, Multus, MetalLB kindnetd Calico, kube-router
OS Linux, macOS, Windows Linux Linux Linux, macOS, Windows Linux, Windows Server 2019


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