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Add Color to Your Console

Some like it in color! Here is a primer on adding ANSI escapes to your output.

And here is how to filter it out.

from enum import Enum
from typing import List

# Console output embellished with the following color chars
class Escapes(str, Enum):
    Escape characters an app, e.g. terraform, can use to color console output
    red = "\x1b[31m"
    reset = "\x1b[0m"
    bright = "\x1b[1m"

    def unescape(cls, inp: str) -> str:
        Remove escape chars from string
        out: List[str] = []

        while inp:
            found = ''
            for _, strvalue in cls._value2member_map_.items():
                if inp.startswith(strvalue):
                    found = strvalue
            if found:
                inp = inp[len(found):]
                inp = inp[1:]
        return ''.join(out)