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String Enum in Python

Bare Python enum is not good enough: Int representation may be efficient, but it is not human readable, especially after it is serialized.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a string enum? Multiple inheritance to the resque!

from enum import Enum
from typing import Union

class Color(str, Enum):
    red = 'Red'
    green = 'Green'
    blue = 'Blue'
    black = 'Black'

    def is_dark(cls, st: Union[str, 'Color']) -> bool:
        return st in []

    def is_primary(cls, st: Union[str, 'Color']) -> bool:
        return st in [,,]

    def is_valid(cls, st: Union[str, 'Color']) -> bool:
        return st in Color._value2member_map_

    def __repr__(s):
        'To enable Color serialization as a string...'
        return repr(s.value)

Let’s see how this works for Color user…

>>> r =
>>> r == 'Red'
>>> r == 'red'
>>> r
>>> Color.is_primary( r )
>>> Color.is_primary( 'Red' )
>>> j = { 'color': r }
>>> j
{'color': 'Red'}
>>> print( j )
{'color': 'Red'}

I like it much more than bare enums!