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ProxMox CLI

Description|Command ———–|——- Restart web GUI|service pveproxy restart .|Physical Volumes List all PVs|pvs Create a PV|pvcreate <disk-device-name> Remove a PV|pvremove <disk-device-name> .|Volume Groups List|vgs Create a VG|vgcreate <vg-name> <disk-device-name> Remove a VG|vgremove <vg-name> .|Logical Volumes List|lvs Create|lvcreate -L <lv-size> -n <lv-name> <vg-name> Remove a LV|lvremove <vg-name>/<lv-name> .|Storage Management Create a new storage|pvesm add <type> <storage> [OPTIONS] Allocate disk images|pvesm alloc [OPTIONS]` Delete volume|`pvesm free [OPTIONS]` Delete storage configuration|`pvesm remove ` List storage content|`pvesm list [OPTIONS]` An alias for pvesm scan lvm|`pvesm lvmscan` An alias for pvesm scan lvmthin|`pvesm lvmthinscan` List local LVM volume groups|`pvesm scan lvm` List local LVM Thin Pools|`pvesm scan lvmthin ` Get status for all datastores|`pvesm status [OPTIONS]` .|Template Management list all templates|`pveam available` list all templates|`pveam list ` Download appliance templates|`pveam download


Launch a console for the specified container.

pct console <vmid> [OPTIONS]

Launch a shell for the specified container.

pct enter <vmid>

Launch a command inside the specified container.

pct exec <vmid> [<extra-args>]

Copy a file from the container to the local system.

pct pull <vmid> <path> <destination> [OPTIONS]

Copy a local file to the container.

pct push <vmid> <file> <destination> [OPTIONS]

Container Snapshot Manipulation

Snapshot a container.

pct snapshot <vmid> <snapname> [OPTIONS]

List all snapshots.

pct listsnapshot <vmid>

Rollback LXC state to specified snapshot.

pct rollback <vmid> <snapname> [OPTIONS]

Delete a LXC snapshot.

pct delsnapshot <vmid> <snapname> [OPTIONS]

Container Templates

pveam update
pveam available
pveam download local ubuntu-18.10-standard_18.10-2_amd64.tar.gz