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TrueNAS in a VM on ProxMox

Create a VM

CPU: 2 cores, kvm64, flags=+pdpe1gb;+aes
Bios: Default
Display: SPICE
Machine: q35
HD: SCSI: VirtIO, 32GB, IO thread
DVD: truenas
Network: bridge

Note VM id: 101.


  1. Ideally you would pass through the entire host bus adapter. Or an on-board SATA controller
  2. If you do not have a host bus adapter and want to just pass SATA drives, do passthrough disk.

Both worked for me. The former allows for TrueNAS to perform SMART tests which is highly desireable.

Passing through a NIC is also desirable, although for a 1Gbps lan the benefits are marginal.

Install TrueNAS

As usual.

Install qemu-guest-agent

This worked! The latest versions of TrueNAS Scale do have it bundled.


Continue with TrueNAS Customization.