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kubuntu 22.04 in proxmox


Create VM

foo bar
RAM 2GB, baloon=0
CPU kvm64, 2c2t
BIOS Default
Display Spice 128MB
Machine Default (i440fx), better q35
SCSI VirtIO, single
HD 64GB, iothread=1
Net bridge, disable firewall

Then add audio device with SPICE backend.

Install Missing Packages

sudo apt install htop qemu-guest-agent emacs zsh


sudo systemctl enable qemu-guest-agent
sudo systemctl start qemu-guest-agent


Platform Calculate Store Render OVERALL SCORE
Bare Latitude + FireFox mint-001 - 1.0 186.18 132.13 143.72 462.03
VM i440fx + FireFox canonical-002 - 1.0 134.3 256 182.04 572.34
VM q35 + FireFox canonical-002 - 1.0 212.78 252.06 180.04 644.88