Notes to Self

Alex Sokolsky's Notes on Computers and Programming


smbutil is a MacOS CLI to samba, similar to smbclient. smbutil freebsd.

> smbutil status
Using IP address of
Workgroup: WORKGROUP
Server: NASS.LAN

> smbutil identity //alex@
Password for

Network User:   alex
Network Domain: NASS.LAN
Network SID:    S-1-5-21-1097164062-3553569808-191310426-20035
Local User:     asokolsky
Local SID:      S-1-5-21-1946377265-2225559908-2256467161-2006

> smbutil view //alex@
Password for
Share                                           Type    Comments
alex                                            Disk    Home directory of alex
downloads                                       Disk
IPC$                                            Pipe    IPC Service (TrueNAS Server)
movies                                          Disk
music                                           Disk
homes                                           Disk