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MacOS Customization



Repair disk using:

Alternatively, using CLI:

Optimizing input

Running Apps on Mac

For any software development install Command Line Tools:

xcode-select --install


Also relevant:

Terminal Peculiarities

> stty -a
speed 38400 baud; 48 rows; 125 columns;
lflags: icanon isig iexten echo echoe echok echoke -echonl echoctl
	-echoprt -altwerase -noflsh -tostop -flusho pendin -nokerninfo
iflags: -istrip icrnl -inlcr -igncr ixon -ixoff ixany imaxbel iutf8
	-ignbrk brkint -inpck -ignpar -parmrk
oflags: opost onlcr -oxtabs -onocr -onlret
cflags: cread cs8 -parenb -parodd hupcl -clocal -cstopb -crtscts -dsrflow
	-dtrflow -mdmbuf
cchars: discard = ^O; dsusp = ^Y; eof = ^D; eol = <undef>;
	eol2 = <undef>; erase = ^?; intr = ^C; kill = ^U; lnext = ^V;
	min = 1; quit = ^\; reprint = ^R; start = ^Q; status = ^T;
	stop = ^S; susp = ^Z; time = 0; werase = ^W;

The above interferes with AWS SM. Workaround:

# Allow for Ctrl+S, Ctrl+Y to be used in SSM
stty stop undef;stty dsusp undef