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Jenkins on MacOS HOWTO


$ brew install jenkins-lts
$ brew services start jenkins-lts


Point your browser to http://localhost:8080 and login using password from ~/.jenkins/secrets/initialAdminPassword Create admin username/password.

Proceed with installation of the suggested plugins: iInstall s3 publisher plugin.


You will get a security warning: “Building on the built-in node can be a security issue…”

Configure Jenkins Agent with Docker

I generally followed these instructions though they prooved to be insufficient:

  1. Create jenkins_agent_key pair;
  2. Launch the agent agent1 - note use of host port 2222 being mapped to container’s port 22:
docker run -d --rm --name=agent1 -p 2222:22 \
    -e "JENKINS_AGENT_SSH_PUBKEY=ssh-rsa AA..."\
docker exec agent1 sh -c "env | egrep -v '^(${VARS})' >> /etc/environment"

Use MacOS Docker desktop:

  1. Add agent1 to Jenkins as a permanent agent.

I set:

Launch the agent1, confirm success.

A security message advises to set the number of executors on the Built-in node to 0. Do it.