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2024-05-04 ALB behind an NLB Gotchas

An application load balancer (ALB) is deployed in Amazon Web Services (AWS) behind a network load balancer (NLB). In turn, behind the ALB are few pods of a kubernetes cluster:

2023-07-31 DevOps (not only) exercises

2023-07-24 ChatGPT-like chatbot

ChatGPT-like chatbot:

2022-07-12 AWS Landing Zone

Landing Zones - Creating a Foundation for Your AWS Migrations by John Hyland

2022-02-16 Markdown with Mermaid

Mermaid is now on github!

2022-01-13 Start Here and Now

Why not?

2021-01-01 Home Office Setup

After few iterations I arrived at a set-up which works well for me.

2018-06-06 Making Some pfSense

Not that I really need it, but an idea of getting rid the household of ads was compelling enough. So I got myself a little “industrial PC”, added a stick of RAM and mSATA SSD from an old laptop and installed pfSense in no time!

2018-06-04 Big NAS Reshuffle

Those attempts to run VirtualBox on nas4free were a real nice try. But now I want to have a dedicated VM server. So I decided… to build a new NAS box. In its previous life NASA (as it will be called) used to be my HTPC. In this new incarnation it will get a better Ethernet and SATA adapter. New NASA box will be:

2012-10-29 State of My Home LAN

Things settled here. NAS4free proved to be fabulous. Stable. With regular updates steadily improving on visible cosmetics which gives me confidence in behind the scene work. Very convenient for use. Therefore it is not surprising that I ran out space on the main pool I use to store video files. I also need to add new storage to NAS and migrate photos and Lightroom catalog there. My NAS box found its permanent place on a network shelf in the laundry room. I love the case and the 3- and 4-drive racks are very convenient. And, yes, they look just cool.

2012-04-11 Hardware, New Iteration

Here is my new NAS box:

2012-04-01 Sanity Checks

Nas4free seems to be most suited to my requirements, but samba there just crashes on me. In the meantime I am collecting network and hard drives throughput data on Windows.

2012-03-31 NAS4Free 9

Install of NAS4Free on to a flash stuck in PATA was uneventful. But unlike Solaris, OpenIndiana and FreeNAS the web GUI showed me exactly what I wanted to know - real time status of NAS appliance: CPU frequency and load, SMART status of hard drives.

2012-03-26 NAS Hardware

Here is an old desktop, once built for my parents to surf internet and look at their grandchildren pictures.

2012-03-26 Rationale

At home the (only) “desktop” I use is an HTPC. Noisy at that, because of the need to keep and cool large storage for media playback and editing. I wonder whether something could be done. Main requirements are performance, ease of use, reliability and ease of growth. Copying between internal SATA HDs is being done at about 70-100MB/s. This sets performance goal.

1985-01-01 Джаз плюс джаз

Концерты в олимпийкой деревне ‘Джаз плюс Джаз’, 1981-1987.

1983-01-01 8K84

Изделие 8K84 a.k.a SS-11.

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